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Over 100 Students Enrolled in UWG’s First Honors College XIDS Course

The University of West Georgia Honors College is gearing up for the first ever Honors XIDS 2002 course. The course, titled What Do You Know About the Honors College, currently has more than 100 students enrolled, a first of its kind given the traditional enrollment cap of sixteen for Honors courses. The class, through lectures and experiential learning, will allow students to gain knowledge of the history of the Honors College, as well as an understanding of both undergraduate research and community engagement.

Over 100 Students Enrolled in UWG’s First Honors College XIDS Course The class, taught by Dr. Michael Hester, dean of UWG’s Honors College, will include several guest lecturers to help students prepare for the required community engagement component to graduate with honors distinction.

“I am very excited about the class,” says Dr. Hester. “Having more than one hundred first year, first semester honors students together in a course that has never been taught before offers a new challenge. Covering a range of topics, from the philosophical roots of UWG's Honors College and its traditional commitment to undergraduate research to the newly added community engagement requirement for graduation, this class promises to be an enlightening and enlivening experience for all of us.”

First semester Honors College students starting fall 2014 will be required to participate in a total of 60 hours of community service over four years to graduate with Honors College distinction. As a requirement for the course, students will complete several hours of community service that will count towards the required total for Honors College distinction.

“The new community engagement requirement for Honors College graduation reflects the institution's commitment to serving the communities where we live, study and work,” adds Dr. Hester. “We believe an Honors education is not just about helping our students transform into great scholars, but also further develop into good people.”

The Honors College will provide a variety of community engagement options each fall and spring semester to assist students in fulfilling their community service requirement. Following the service hours, students will be required to submit reflections on their engagement and share how engaging in various community service projects impacted their lives.

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