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Dr. Aanstoos Participates in Lecture Series

by Hilary Sigler

The College of Social Sciences at the University of West Georgia presented another installment of their ongoing lecture series on March 6 in the Ingram Library Nook. Dr. Chris Aanstoos, professor of psychology discussed “The Human Sciences’ Identity Crisis: Who Are We Really?”

Dr. Aanstoos Participates in Lecture Series Through his presentation, Dr. Aanstoos explained the importance of accepting the uniqueness of the individuality for each of the human sciences. Dr. Aanstoos explained the late 20th century, the development of theoretical works and how they allowed the human sciences to establish their own unique methods and approaches to the discipline.

When discussing the importance of human sciences, Dr. Aanstoos highlighted some of the most successful people in the United States as examples. “Take the top 20 billionaires in the country and find out what their undergraduate majors were”, he says. “For the most part, they are going to be arts and humanities and social sciences.”

During the lecture, Dr. Aanstoos discussed the human sciences: political science, sociology, criminology, anthropology, psychology and also “communicology”. He stressed the importance of maintaining the individuality for each of these concentrations. He also praised Dr. Beheruz N. Sethna, President Emeritus of UWG and current professor for the dividing of the College of Arts and Sciences into specific concentrations.

“It was Dr. Sethna who made the call to divide up the College of Arts and Sciences,” Dr. Aanstoos explains, “I didn’t expect at the time, but something that I now truly treasure is the opportunity to collaborate across disciplines. The point I am trying to make is that we, as human scientists, are all in the same boat together, so we should make something out of this boat.”

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